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With Math

At Civic Labs we are heavily invested in a few key technologies that allow us to do what we do: build high quality software. Specifically, certified programming, a kind of computer software application development that facilitates the creation of mathematically provably correct software via functional programming.

Certified software is guaranteed to meet a formal specification and is usually done by means of a generated or derived mathematical artifact. These mathematical artifacts are mostly created using interactive theorem proving programming languages like Coq. Haskell, to a lesser degree, offers similar benefits to Coq, albeit on a less rigorous level.


Multiply Your ROI

We work with you and your business to figure out what exactly makes you money or saves you time and what doesn't. Or what sort of guarantees we can offer with certified programming, and how you benefit. Then we create a roadmap of how to get there and implement it. Our advantage lies in our experience and the technology we use.

Our Process

We put great effort into ensuring working with us to create a product is a seamless process. The steps, from start to finish, are below. After a new client is qualified to work with us, the following process unfolds.

  • Product Roadmapping
  • Development
  • Maintenance and Support

First, we make sure we're a good fit for each other - this is the most important step. Next, we'll meet in person or remotely to discuss your business and what the solution to your problem looks like. After, we'll submit a proposal based on your roadmapping session. Following that, we'll begin development, incrementing in small phases so that each deliberable ends with a working, usable product. After User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is complete, your product will go live and we'll begin the maintenance and support period.

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Our Services

All services are available remotely for clients. On-site services are available in New York, NY and San Francisco, CA.

Codebase Audits

Need another pair of eyes on your project? We can help with guidance.

Web, Mobile and Desktop Applications

Client and server setups or hybrid solutions for handling anything your business needs.

HIPAA Compliance

Have a medical-grade application that needs to be HIPAA compliant?

Application Maintenance and Support

Have an app that needs to be supported? We can help.

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Care to know why Haskell and Coq software products are your best bet for delivering the absolute finest financial and medical applications?


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We create custom web applications.

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Care to know why Haskell and Coq software products are your best bet for delivering the absolute finest financial and medical applications?